Practice Mix Perfect Book

Practice Mix Perfect

How to become a Thermomix pro

Practice Mix Perfect is the ideal book for anyone who is on the search for ultimate kitchen efficiency with Thermomix. From practical tips to over 70 absolutely irresistible recipes, this book is a perfect foodie companion. Learn how to make your own cheese and plan your weekly meals efficiently with incredible breads, dinners and naughty desserts. So get practising and mix perfect. 

Every chapter is uniquely designed to teach you about the essentials you need in the kitchen, raw food, cooking, baking and cleaning, and includes all chopping, blending, baking, etc. guides, and top secret tips. Even better, almost all recipes are freezable and so easy to prepare, you are going to have such a fun time in the kitchen with your Thermi. And for all those out there who are not using their Thermi to its full potential yet, I have prepared a 7-day Thermomix Pro challenge for you.

From dinners all the way to baking, this is the book you need in your life. I have also included symbols that help you identify gluten-free, vegan, dairy-free, refined sugar free and freezable recipes easily. 

An essential book for anyone who owns a Thermomix.

It's Teatime book

It’s Teatime

Let’s celebake with Thermomix

It’s Teatime is a true master piece. The ideal book for anyone who is looking to throw an unforgettable afternoon tea party at home or just make the most gorgeous looking bakes. From savoury bites to the most delectable cakes, this book is packed with inspiration for the ultimate treats. With 70 recipes, tips and tricks and a bit of history, you can use this Thermomix recipe book to make the ultimate afternoon tea. 

Every chapter is designed to tackle a different element of afternoon tea and you can find anything from the most dainty sandwiches to majestic cakes. All recipes are designed to be easy to follow and tested by people like you in a standard kitchen setting so we can guarantee you some awesome results at home. 

Even better, It’s Teatime contains countless pre-built menu options for every occasion to take away the hassle of planning your party for hours at home. From father’s day all the way to bridal showers, we’ve got it all covered for you. Even if you are only looking for a quick fix, in this book you can find a huge selection of recipes catering for all sorts of diets and food intolerances, including lots of gluten free and vegan recipes. 

A majestic baking masterpiece with unique recipes for your Thermomix.

Homebaked Book



Homebaked redefines baking with Thermomix. In this book you will find a mouthwatering collection of over 50 recipes, guides and tips on baking with Thermomix. It is  packed with all the necessary tricks you need to tackle every type of dough with your Thermomix. 

The book is perfectly divided into sections by dough type, including instructions for each dough, how to guides and tips to create the perfect dough. From sweet yeast dough to choux pastry, we’ve got you covered and left nothing up to chance. Whether you make a succulent chocolate babka for breakfast or a fantastic Quiche Lorraine for dinner, this book will guide you through it and inspire you to bake more at home. Because nothing says home like the smell of baking.

Every chapter starts with an intro on the different dough types and step by step images to make baking so much easier. Whether you are a beginner or just want to refine your baking skills with your Thermi, Homebaked is the perfect baking companion. 

Learn about all the baking essentials for your Thermomix.

supercharged booklet


Healthy Thermomix recipe collection

Supercharged means great recipes that charge you up, make you feel nice and keep you healthy. It is a fresh approach to baking with less refined sugar, different types of flours and alternative techniques. It will help you master the art of baking the healthy way. This recipe collection marks the first one of many which is developed to tackle new areas of baking and help you gain confidence.

From practical tips such as switching from plain flour, fats and refined sugars to a more healthy alternative, to nearly 30 mouthwatering recipes, this collection is the perfect fit for anyone who is looking for more Thermomix inspiration. It is suitable for all diets including recipes that are vegan, gluten free, dairy free, sugar free, fat free and more. The practical pocket size means you can take it anywhere with you and read it on your way to work or in the gym. 

Supercharged makes a perfect companion for anyone who needs some help creating school lunch boxes or work lunches and does not want to include so many fatty, sugary and glutenous ingredients. It teaches you some great techniques to getting into a healthier baking routine and inspires you to try new ingredients.

A healthy recipe collection for your Thermomix.

gluten free cakes & bakes

Gluten Free Cakes & Bakes

Delicious recipes for Thermomix

Gluten Free Cakes & Bakes Thermomix book is a mouthwatering collection of stunning recipes for a gluten free baking life. From showstopping sponge cakes to delicious crackers with pesto, Sophia has thought of every occasion to get out your Thermomix and cake tins ready for some baking fun. With nearly 30 recipes and almost half of them vegan, there is a choice for everyone. Dive into the world of fluffy cakes and stunning vegan buttercream made in seconds. Baking couldn’t be easier.

Gluten Free Cakes & Bakes Thermomix book is the perfect companion for anyone who is trying to dive into the world of gluten free baking and needs some easy recipes that produce beautiful results with hardly any effort. It teaches you some great techniques which you can master in no time.

Learn about the wonders of gluten free baking