thermomix christmas pudding

Thermomix Christmas Pudding

This Thermomix Christmas pudding is the most important dessert at Christmas time and you can get organised early with this amazingly simply version steamed in the Varoma.

Christmas pudding is the queen of desserts at Christmas time. I love how the lights are turned off and the room is filled with this amazing smell of brandy burning. Just amazing!! I must admit I was never into Christmas pudding until I came to the UK, I had no idea something like that existed but now I am super into it and it is so easy with the Thermomix.

You can soak the fruit for longer than 2 hours, up to 2 days if you really like but it is just as good with little soaking time. IF you are up for a bit of a change, soak the fruit in sherry and instead of brandy to light it up, use some dark rum. Yummy. Happy Christmas!


Thermomix Christmas pudding

  • 400g mixed fruit (raisins, sultanas, currants, dried & chopped apricots)
  • 1 apple, quartered
  • 1 orange, juice and zest
  • 30g brandy + extra for serving
  • 40g almonds
  • 75g unsalted butter, in small cubes + extra for greasing
  • 100g muscovado sugar
  • 2 eggs
  • 100g plain flour
  • 1 tsp baking powder
  • 1 tsp mixed spice
  • 50g breadcrumbs

To serve

  • 40g brandy


  1. Place the mixed fruit in a bowl. Add the apple to the mixing bowl and blitz 2 Sec. / Speed 5. Add to the bowl with the dried fruit followed by the orange juice and brandy. Leave to soak for 2 hours.
  2. Place the almonds in the mixing bowl. Chop 2 Sec. / Speed 6. Add the butter, orange zest, sugar, eggs, plain flour, baking powder, mixed spice and breadcrumbs and combine 30 Sec. / Speed 5.
  3. Add the soaked fruit along with the soaking liquid and combine 20 Sec. / Reverse Speed 3. Finish off by stirring through with a spatula to combine any leftover soaked fruit at the top.
  4. Grease a 1.4l pudding basin generously with butter. Make sure the pudding basin fits the lower Varoma tray. Place a disc of greaseproof paper in the bottom of the tin. Pour the mixture into the tin and press down with your spatula. Cover the top of the pudding basin with greaseproof paper and foil and tie with string to secure.
  5. To steam your pudding place the basin in the lower Varoma tray and close the lid.
  6. Add 1500g water to the mixing bowl and fit the Varoma on top. Steam 60 Min. / Varoma / Speed 2. After 60 minutes, fill up with water again to get 1500g and repeat the steaming step 5 more times until the pudding is a rich dark brown colour and cooked.
  7. Remove the pudding basin from the Varoma and replace the greaseproof paper and foil with fresh one. Store in a cool, dry place until Christmas day.
  8. On Christmas Day, place the pudding in the Varoma again, add 1500g water and steam 60 Min. / Varoma / Speed 2. Repeat the steaming step once, then remove and place on the serving plate. Warm the brandy in a small saucepan or the mixing bowl until warm, then pour over the Christmas pudding and set light to it. Enjoy!

5 thoughts on “Thermomix Christmas Pudding

  1. Karen Fisher says:

    Karen here again, reporting back on the Christmas pudding. Delicious and light; so easy to make and then reheat; great flavour hot and cold! Here in Australia, cold Christmas pudding is a delicacy, a treat on Boxing Day. Sophie, your pudding was great, lighter in texture than the recipe I have used in the past and much more interesting in flavour. Thank you for sharing it!!!

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